What Does a Chamber of Commerce Do?

As a small business owner, you realize how important it is to network in your local community. And non-members can indeed attend chamber events. But you’re thinking of joining so what does a Chamber of Commerce do? We have some insight to help you decide.

What is the Role of a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is a business league and register as a 501(c)6 corporation with the IRS. This is a special type of nonprofit that is allowed to engage in politics as well as lobby on behalf of its members. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, for example, has yearly agendas and priorities. The Policy Focus for 2021 is available for everyone to read.

The role of your Chamber of Commerce is to advocate on behalf of businesses just like yours in our local economy. We amplify the voices of business owners with similar concerns and bring those issues to our elected officials.

“Today, there are 4,000 chambers and volunteer organizations in the U.S. advocating for a variety of issues, including tax policies, legal reform, and economic reform. Minority chambers provide additional resources to Hispanic, Asian, and Black business owners.” Online MBA  

How Do Chambers of Commerce Make Money?

You may be concerned with where your membership dues go and how they’re used. We have a board of directors, members, and volunteers. Chambers of Commerce, as we mentioned, are a special type of nonprofit. It’s not our aim to make a profit. All revenue goes toward operating expenses as well as fundraisers, mixers, and city events to promote, well, commerce. 

So we don’t “make money.” We raise funds so that our events can continue and bring the most value to each one of our members.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Member of the Chamber of Commerce?

There are countless benefits to joining the Chamber. Besides creating relationships with other local businesses and having influence over policy, the Chamber provides a digital infrastructure. This gives you a leg up with our membership listings, use of the logo on your website, as well as investment in SEO for the city’s businesses.

“Most Chambers of Commerce make investments in their online presence and social networks to be sure that they are found.” Chamber Nation

What does it mean to join a Chamber of Commerce?

When you join the Chamber, you’re joining a community of business professionals who operate here in our area. You’re making your voice heard concerning taxes and economic prosperity as well as diversity and opportunity. 

You’re becoming embedded in your town. You’re helping other local businesses just like yours thrive. You’re providing scholarships, mentoring others, and learning along the way. Joining a Chamber of Commerce is giving back in the truest sense.

“Joining a chamber of commerce can provide several benefits for your business and individually. The chamber is often a powerful influence in the community, and your joining it will give you a voice in important community development projects.” Womply

Are You Ready to Join Our Chamber?

We’d love to talk more specifically about our events, sponsorships, and the advantages of being part of your local Chamber of Commerce. Let’s schedule a call to chat or check out our lists of events. We can’t wait to meet you.